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My name is Leehahn

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I was made in Seoul, South Korea and nurtured in Sydney Australia. It was when I was 12 years old that I saw westerners for the very first time!

As a young boy, I had so much love for life and the way I expressed the joy was through dancing to Hiphop music. I went on to study music production whilst producing my first album with J-Daiz (Christian Hiphop Group) which led to producing music for projects such as LHA (Australian Hiphop duo). In 2013, I quitted my day-job and moved to Melbourne to pursue music opportunities with 001 Productions, but months gone by, I ended up loosing health as I was isolated and away from my family and support network. Coming back to Sydney, I spent time overcoming the physical and mental challenge, and during this season, one of the ways that helped me express myself and see the world in a different way was through photography. And this is how I started music and photography!

You can hear my music here, and see photography projects here.
You can also connect with me on Instagram or email me at Thank you for stopping by.



Young Leehahn
LHA live
Studio 001