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See everyday life in a special way

Taste, Not See

Taste, Not See

Personal Project. March 2018. Blue Mountains NSW Australia.
Taste, Not See. Listen More. Look Within. I feel like I can come up with many titles for this personal project. This project helped me learn and understand the importance of listening more, looking inside of my soul for the answers and to appreciate what is around, things I can touch and experience right now instead of looking-out for fantasies that seems good but can’t reach in life. It sort of reminded me of Eve in the garden in Genesis who was deceived to eat the fruit because it “seemed good” but it wasn’t for her…


See Everyday in a special way

Travel Photography. Sydney, Australia 2017-2018
Mostly shot on iPhone X, this is a collection of photos that I have shot in my everyday commute. Inspired by David Alan Harvey’s advice, I was challenged to see my everyday moments from a different angle. And this meant digging deeper and finding creativity within the box, not outside of the box to see that the life is indeed special.

7. SBilly - Determination.jpeg

Billy the Kid

Profile Photography. April 2018, Royal National Park, NSW, Australia.
Billy is a local Sydney talent. He is a urban singer, music producer and a mural artist. We drove out to the Royal National Park of NSW to take his artist profile shots. He’s got this cool, confident attitude and one of the interesting moments in the photoshoot was when we started talking about his mother and what she meant for him. I saw his facial expression change and he smiled so beautifully. How great our mums are!

5. South Korea - Destination is the Journey.jpeg

Seoul Soul - Peace that transcends

Travel Photography. August 2017. Seoul, South Korea.
Seoul feels like a future city but it also has deep culture and history. I was born in Seoul, but never had a chance to explore it from a traveler’s perspective until last year.


Sydney - Chains Will Break

Street & Architecture Photography. Sydney, Australia. 2017
This is my first photography project.