My name is Leehahn

I was born in Seoul in the 80's. As a young kid, I loved dancing and freely expressing myself to the music with the people I loved. When my family and I moved to Sydney Australia in 1995, one of the first things that I've done as a 12 yr old boy was to borrow $99 to buy a small cassette tape player so I can lock myself in my room to listen to music. Then I remember, in my high school days, I used to buy blank cassette tapes, and using my mum's chunky-looking stereo that had tape-recording functionality, I'd mix multiple hiphop songs into a fancy track that my friends and I can perform and dance to. In restrospec, it was a dream come true. There was something magical about music and being inspired for me. This is how the journey begun.

I hope I can inspire you to imagine a better tomorrow and I know that you can inspire me to become a better person. If you want to work with me or connect with me, here's my contact detail: . 카카오: leehahnmusic


* Exy x Yuna Kim - Love Therapy (Feat. Zia) - Producer, arranger
* Australian Korean Kpop Contest (2016) - Judge
* Leehahn x Vanjess - Fall Back - Mixing/mastering, producer, artist
* Leehahn - Shoulders of Giants (Substantial, Steph the Sapphic Songstress) - Mixing/mastering, producer, artist
* Leehahn - Koenji - Mixing/mastering, producer, artist
* Show Me The Money 5 - Snacky Chan - 2nd Round - Additional production
* Snacky Chan - Out of Time (Feat. Bablyon) - Producer, mixing engineer
* Snacky Chan - Dummy For My Daughter (Feat. Tablo) - Producer, mixing engineer
* SBS TV Korea x Leehahn - Brand New Me (Feat. 2Deep) - Mixing/mastering, producer, artist
* In Ya Mellow Tone 8.5, 9, 10, Best of, 12 (compilations) - Producer, artist
* Raq - Blow My Mind (Feat. Sam Ock) - Beat producer
* LHA - Clarity (album ft. Jordan Rakei, Nehzuil, Moka Only & more) - Mixing/mastering, producer, artist
* LHA - Soul Selection (Japan edition album) - Mixing/mastering, producer, artist



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